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energie:bau – the independent special interest magazine for architecture and technology.

Construction is a beautiful thing and even more beautiful when it triggers a WOW-effect – for the developer and the beholder. We present innovative examples and those responsible for them. Join us!

The online-plattform and the print-magazine energie:bau combine architecture and technology. By means of architecturally exciting projects, the independent special interest magazine documents energy efficiency and sustainability and shows unique concepts, refined technology and innovative solutions.

The print-magazine energie:bau is mailed to architects, developers, installers and municipalities in Austria and Germany four times annually. In print, as well as on the online platform, we take a close look at the newest technologies and present examples in practice.

Use energie:bau to present your products and services. Promotions in the print-magazine as well as banners on the website and in the email-newsletter convey your message directly to the implementers.

An overview of the independent special interest magazine
  • target groups: architects, (specialist) planners, developers, installers, electrical engineers
  • content: unique concepts, refined technology and innovative solutions from the fields of construction and renovation, heating and cooling as well as electricity and control and much more.
  • frequency: 4 x annually
  • circulation: 6,500 per issue
  • distribution: through partners and direct mailing to target groups in Austria and Germany
  • approx. 4,800 visitors per month
  • approx. 15,500 page impressions per month
  • weekly newsletter mail (Thursday) with an above average opening- and click-rate

Access to media data incl. publication dates and key topics here

Dr. Herbert Starmühler
T +43 (0) 1 / 96 13 888

Editor & Project Manager
Simone Steurer
T +43 (0) 1 / 96 13 888 - 40

Advertising Manager
Belinda Spindler
T +43 (0) 1 / 96 13 888 - 38

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